Span Conference
London, 28th October 2014

Single track developer conference about scaling


The developers who spoke at Span 2014

About Span

Span is a practical developer conference about building scalable systems.

There's a single track and each talk will focus either on sharing practical knowledge or a story of past-mistakes and how you can avoid them. You won't find a sales-pitch masquerading as a talk.

Topics you can expect to see on the programme include scaling, big data, high availability, functional programming, distributed sytems, APIs and NoSQL, all with a no-nonsense promise. Here's our code of conduct.

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The developers behind Span

Span is organised by developers for developers. Here's our programme committee for Span 2014.

Duncan McGreggor
Having programmed with GOTOs in the 80s, Duncan has made up for it by over 20 years of community service in various open source projects. He has spent most of the past 10 years using async frameworks in languages ranging from Python and Common Lisp to Clojure and Lisp Flavored Erlang.
Duncan McGreggor

Passion Community Concurrency S-Expressions

Chris Molozian
Chris is a Sofware Engineer working for He works on adding query features with custom indexing engines, REST APIs, client libraries and scaling the server side infrastructure. Previously he worked for Basho Technologies, makers of the Riak distributed KV database.
Chris Molozian


Phil Fehre
Developer Evangelist at Couchbase, deploying the bleeding edge to production since 1999.
Phil Fehre

Developer Evangelist at Couchbase

Alex Petrov
Zefops, gymops, Clojure / Ruby / C hacker, meetup organiser, ClojureWerkz core team. Data analysis and visualization nerd.
Alex Petrov

Data analysis and visualisation nerd

Matthew Revell
Open source community veteran. Co-founder of Lugradio. Previously at Canonical and Basho. Now bringing distributed databases to the world at Couchbase.
Matthew Revell

Developer Evangelist at Couchbase

Bip Thelin
Entrepreneur, CTO, Developer and Partner at Kivra. Retired Tomcat committer now Erlang, NoSQL, etc.
Bip Thelin

CTO at Kivra


Come join us at Shoreditch Village Hall in October!

Event Location

  • Venue address
    Shoreditch Village Hall
    33 Hoxton Sqare
    London, N1 6NN
  • Email us
    [email protected]

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