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Why your company needs a unified log

Alex Dean

Alex's talk

Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis are more than just message queues — they can serve as a unified log which you can put at the heart of your business, effectively creating a "digital nervous system" which your company's applications and processes can be re-structured around.

In this talk, Alex will provide an introduction to unified log technology, highlight some killer use cases and also show how Kinesis is being used "in anger" at Snowplow. Alex's talk will draw on his experiences working with event streams over the last two and a half years at Snowplow; it’s also heavily influenced by Jay Kreps’ unified log monograph, and by Alex's recent work penning Unified Log Processing, a Manning book. Alex's talk will show how event streams inside a unified log are an incredibly powerful primitive for building rich event-centric applications, unbundling local transactional silos and creating a single version of truth for a company.

Alex's talk will conclude with a live demo of Amazon Kinesis in action processing Snowplow events.

About Alex

Alex is the co-founder and tech lead at Snowplow Analytics, the open source web and event analytics platform. He spends a lot of time working with distributed systems (historically Hadoop, increasingly Kinesis, Kafka et al) to deliver really scalable event stream processing.He is also the author of Unified Log Processing from Manning Publications.

Alex on Twitter, @alexcrdean

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