Michael Nitschinger
Building a reactive database driver on the JVM

Michael Nitschinger

Michael's talk

In this session, you will hear about lessons learned while building one of the first completely reactive database drivers on the JVM. We will cover best practices learned the hard way around topics like asynchronous architecture, backpressure, failure management, scalability and completely event-driven stacks.

You will see how to write code that produces nearly zero garbage (working with off-heap structures and pooled memory), elegantly reacts to load spikes through implicit batching, is resilient to failures by applying patterns like bulkheading and release valves and can serve load in the hundreds of thousands operations per second with low latency.

If you love to jump in at the deep end, come join me to explore mostly unbeaten tracks which will eventually lead into a reactive and scalable future of database drivers. Oh, and by the way you will learn about awesome projects like RxJava, Netty and the LMAX Disruptor.

About Michael

Michael is the maintainer of the Couchbase Java SDK. He is a core member of the Netty IO framework, part of the spring-data movement and a heavy proponent of reactive, event-driven and failure resilient applications.

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