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Microsoft Orleans: high availability and concurrency on Azure

Richard Astbury

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Orleans is a distributed virtual actor computing framework, developed by Microsoft Research, and is currently available on a public preview. The framework was used to build the server side infrastructure in the Halo 4, where it was scaled across hundreds of servers to support the global launch of the game.

Orleans was designed as a high availability, distributed system to run on premises or on Azure. It handles concurrency with asynchronous message passing between actors. It’s also relatively simple to use, and accessible to most developers with a little C# experience.

Richard will provide an introduction to the Actor Model, and cover some of the basics of Orleans with slides, then move onto building a simple demonstration application around an ‘internet of things’ scenario.

About Richard

Richard Astbury helps software businesses around Europe migrate their applications to the cloud. He works with a wide variety of companies, ranging from the smallest startups to the largest software businesses in the world, and specializes in moving applications that were never designed to run in the cloud, utilise the Windows Azure platform. Richard is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Azure, and Senior Consultant at Two10 Degrees. He is often found developing open source software in C# and Node.js, and lives in rural Suffolk, UK with his wife and two children.

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