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Putting the spark into Spark

Richard Conway

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Apache Spark is a nascent big data framework that complements Apache Hadoop to offer fast, scalable access to big data. In recent months it's gained a lot of traction in industry as it has become an Apache incubation project.

In this talk, you'll hear the good, bad and the voice beyond the hype. This talk is about how to make Apache Spark cloud friendly, the kinds of jobs that are perfect for it and the kinds of performance and scale you can expect. Expect to see a bunch of demos on Microsoft Azure showing you the power of this framework for all aspects of big data, including interactive querying of terrabyte-scale datasets, machine learning and streaming messages in real-time.

About Richard

Richard is a Microsoft Azure MVP and co-owner of Elastacloud. He’s passionate about converging the best of open source big data frameworks and the best of Microsoft Azure together.

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