Robert Virding
The story of Erlang

Robert Virding

Robert's talk

Robert Virding was one of the three co-creators of Erlang at Ericcsson. In this session he'll talk about the circumstances that led to Erlang, the design choices they made, what the future holds for Erlang and how it all relates to building scalable distributed systems now.

About Robert

Robert Virding is one of the co-inventors of Erlang and a founding member of the Ericsson Computer Science Lab.

He developed the original system design, wrote the current compiler and contributed many of the original libraries. While at the lab, he also worked on the implementation of logic and functional languages and on garbage collection.

With Joe Armstrong and Mike Williams, he co-authored Concurrent Programming in Erlang, the first Erlang book published by Prentice-Hall. He is also a co-founder of the first Erlang start-up, BlueTail, acquired by Nortel Networks in what was at the time the largest Swedish private company acquisition. Robert works as a principal language expert at Erlang Solutions, is active in research, and in this role regularly teaches and gives presentations at conferences worldwide.

Robert on Twitter, @rvirding

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